Wild Adventure Coaster Tutorial

In this tutorial, I show you in four 3-minute videos of how I make my wild adventure coasters. You can trace the pattern that is provided or free hand the design.

Learn to use provided patterns or unleash your creativity with freehand designs. The choice is yours!

A lot of pyrography uses shading and what I show you is just how I do it.

Module 1 Pattern
Unit 1 Wild Adventure Pattern  
Module 2 Camper Coaster/Ornament
Unit 1 Camper Coaster  
Module 3 Camper Mobile Coaster/Ornament
Unit 1 Camper Mobile Coaster  
Module 4 Tent Coaster/Ornament
Unit 1 Tent Coaster/Ornament  
Module 5 Waterfall Coaster/Ornament
Unit 1 Create the Waterfall Coaster  
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