Introduction to Pyrography

Welcome to the world of pyrography, where creativity meets the warmth of wood!

In this tutorial, we’ll lay the foundation for your pyrography journey, so you can create art with confidence.

What’s Included:

  • Video for the Bookmark Pattern:
  • Printable Resources 
Module 1 Embracing Your Tools
Unit 1 The Wood Burner + Tips  
Unit 2 Graphite Paper, Stylus, Eraser  
Unit 3 Pencil + Oil Pencils  
Unit 4 Sandpaper  
Unit 5 Polyacrylic + Shellac  
Module 2 Safety First, Art Second
Unit 1 Let’s talk safety  
Module 3 Hands-On Warm-Up
Unit 1 Simple Bookmarks Patterns  
Unit 2 Bookmark Video  
Module 4 Community
Unit 1 Welcome!  
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