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A Passion For Burning

Unlock the art of pyrography with your tutorials and pattern library.

It can be difficult and overwhelming to get started and I hope that the Pyrography Academy can help you overcome those challenges.

The tutorials will have a single focus every month with different pyrography techniques, tips, and tricks so that you can become a confident wood-burning artist.

Pattern library will come either with a video or a detailed instruction pdf so you can create custom handmade gifts to share with family and friends.

This Pyrography Academy is here to guide and help you learn and improve your wood-burning skills.

Welcome to Pyrography Academy! The journey into wood-burning happened by accident in 2003. And I am excited to share all that I have learned, continue to learn and I invite you to explore the world of pyrography with me. 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pyrography artist, our tutorials, patterns and resources have something for everyone.  

You have my permission to use the patterns you purchase for your artwork and even sell your finished creations. However, sharing or reselling the pattern itself is prohibited. While attribution is not necessary, it is appreciated.

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