Welcome to the Pyrography Academy

Where you come to grow your pyrography skills

A passion for burning


  • Simple exercises for getting comfortable with your tools.
  • Preparing wood surfaces for optimal burning results.
  • Selecting and preparing images for pyrography.
  • Access to Community Forum


  • Monthly Pattern with diverse themes
  • Printable PNG or PDF for Pattern
  • Access to Community Forum

Why learn from me?

I’ve figured out how to teach wood-burning so that you can create amazing handcrafted works of art!

As a pyrographer, I have created many challenging projects and I am here to share the strategies, methods, and techniques I’ve learned over the last 25+ years.

Hi, I am Petra! Artist, Author, Creative Freedom Coach and so much more! When I first started wood-burning I didn’t know how relaxing and fun this could be. What was meant to be a jewelry project turned into a passion all on its own!

As someone who is self-taught and started out with just the basics of wood-burning, I am always searching to add to my skill set but that means sometimes running into less than detailed instructions and as well as understanding the terminology across the world.

My mission is for you to also create stunning pyrography projects and start mastering the skill of wood-burning and create amazing results!